Monday, July 12, 2010

Week 21: July 11 - July 17

Times are in miles unless otherwise noted:

Sunday: Bike 12
Actual: Bike 14.4

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: Run 3.0
Actual: Run 3.0, Strength 30 min

Wednesday: Swim .75
Actual: Nothing

Thursday: Bike 10
Actual: Strength 30 minutes

Friday: OFF
Actual: Nothing

Saturday: Bike 12, Run 3.0
Actual: Swim about 40 min in outdoor pool, strength 20 minutes

This week was just . . . yikes. Bad. And next week coming up is supposed to be a taper into Sunday's tri. So, I think Sunday is going to be an interesting situation. I will either be totally slow and horrible due to under-training, or do a great job because I'm so well rested. Hopefully the later. :-)



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