Monday, July 5, 2010

Week 20: June

I have two huge blisters on my feet and every time I run, they reopen. So, I'm taking the week off from running and focusing on biking and swimming.

Sunday (Happy July 4): Bike 12
Actual: Bike 13, Strength 30

Monday: Run 4
Actual: Run 4.06

Tuesday: Swim .75
Actual: Swim .5, Strength 20

Wednesday: Bike 10
Actual: Swim .75

Thursday: Swim .75
Actual: OFF

Friday: OFF
Actual: Bike 11 miles

Saturday: Swim (open water)
Actual: Swim 15 minutes, Strength 20
(Swim was interrupted by thunderstorms, but I'm glad to have gotten in the open water for a bit. It was good practice).



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