Monday, June 21, 2010

Week 18: June 20 - June 26

Measures are in miles unless otherwise noted.

Sunday: OFF
Actual: OFF

Monday: Run 2.5, strength 20 minutes
Actual: Run 2.5,

Tuesday: Bike 10 miles
Actual: Strength- 25 min

Wednesday: Swim .75
Actual: Swim .85

Thursday: OFF
Actual: Strength - 15 minutes

Friday: Run 3
Actual: Nothing

Saturday Bike 15, Run 2.5
Actual: Bike 17

I have to find a way to get my training in even though I'm working full time now. Lots of people do it. It's just hard for me to justify exercising after work when I haven't seen my kids all day. And early a.m.'s are OK, but last week I was exhausted. I think the key is getting to bed a lot earlier and just pushing through those early mornings. Striving to be better this coming week.



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