Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Countdown: Four days

Today I am feeling: neurotic

Must remember not to forget: to buy Body Glide, energy food and a racing belt from the running store

Projected weather on Saturday: It depends on the source. Weather.com says 72-degrees and showers. The weather icon on my Mac's dashboard says sunny and 75.

Projected water temperature: Temps at the water's edge are averaging 66-degrees. They are taking temps from the middle of the lake in a day or two.

Decisions I need to make:Long-sleeve or sleeveless wetsuit? Leaning toward sleeveless. Yes, it will be colder, but I'm concerned about the sleeves being too constricting (I've heard it takes extra arm strength to swim in one) and given my schedule on Thursday, I'm not sure I can get to the pool with it to practice. Besides, you warm up once you get swimming, right?



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