Sunday, March 22, 2009

So you want to hear something funny?

According to the 13-week training program that I'm following, I'm supposed to do an open water swim this week. Which? BWAHAHAHA!

Hello? It's March. In New Jersey. Today's high was 52 degrees and the rest of the week is expected to be in the 40s.

When I signed up for my inaugural triathlon, I was trying to avoid something in the dog days of summer. You know? Those 90something-degree days with 80% humidity when it takes every ounce of effort just to stand and walk 10 steps to the fridge to get a cold drink? Because who wants to run and bike in that?

What I did not consider was the lack of open water swimming there would be in the weeks leading up to a May 9 triathlon. Sure, spring generally comes earlier here in NJ than it does in say, New Hampshire, but not that much earlier. The reality is most lakes don't even open for public swimming until Memorial Day, which comes a solid three weeks AFTER my tri.

Sooooo, I don't think I'll be dipping my toe into any lakes this week. Or perhaps any lakes at all until the morning of the race when according to the registration site, the lake will be a balmy 65-degrees. Brrrrr. And I thought it was cold on the bike this afternoon. Methinks I ain't felt nothing yet.


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