Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pedal power

All this time, I've been thinking I was going to have to pedal the 19.5 miles of the triathlon on my mountain bike. Which? UGH.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my mountain bike. It's great for, well, mountainy, traily, muddy, bumpy riding. Road riding? Notsomuch. It's smaller, fatter, nobbier tires make it about as efficient as a Hummer.

But an entry level road bike starts at about $1,000 and that? Just isn't happening right now.

So I've been out riding my mountain bike, thinking, "Wow, this really sucks. This is going to absolutely kill my time." Meanwhile, Mark's been pouring over Craigslist looking for a bike for me and this weekend he hit pay dirt.

Ta da! Meet my new bike:

"New" road bike for my triathlon

I've already taken it out for a spin and it's a dream. What a difference! Maybe, just maybe, I won't finish this thing in last place after all.



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